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Our Design

We love sugr. The pure individual note of any item with your brandname on it will be mastered with an individual package design/individual gadget design.

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Our network

Our network enables the delivery of small to huge quantities at once. Our warehouses in Asia (China, Shenzhen) and Europe (Germany) meet your requirements for any logistical operations.

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We are sugr.

You are in need of promotional items, goodies and/or raffle gifts? We deliver. Fast, anywhere, instantly. Our sourcing team will provide you with the latest articles. Directly from the factories to your venue.
We love sugr.

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Our tailor made solutions will make your next promotional goodie a success for your brand.

We are your go-to full-service agency for your promotions and marketing-material — from package design, individualized goodies to smart-technology products — everything you wish.

Through our holistic approach and the unique creativeness we provide sustainable value for your brand. Our products are mainly made in PRC and Taiwan. Also some suppliers are based in Europe like Portugal, Spain and Germany.

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Our services

Green Products

all made from recyclable sources for the better protection of our planet


multi charger, power banks, bluetooth products, et cetera


t-shirts, caps & hats, gloves, jackets, sugrglasses
(blue light filter screen and sun glasses)

Raffle Gifts

what is in, what is next… our sourcing team
provides your ideal gifts for your individual purpose

About us

sugrgroup is an independent supplier for our industry customers, specialized in the IT and healthcare markets. We are a reliable, capable and fast acting supplier.

When we have started our own series of diabetes and medical cooling bags we took our chance to deliver different items for promotional purposes. Therefore we have been focusing the past decade to bring our customers the right tools for generating new customers and to increase the customer retention.

We have a strong focus and track record to deliver the right gadget for our customers needs for any event.

At the same time it is very important to us, to assist you with forward- looking concepts and schemes for customer loyality. We are very concerned about strenghtening and extending your position in the market. Each corporate company is faced more than ever with new and complex challenges. The earlier you contact us, the better for you!

Innovative merchandising

We crave for cutting-edge technologies and the latest high-tech products – so we use them.

Fast reaction time

In the current information era information is moving within seconds around the globe: we hold the pace fast and flexible 24/7.

International markets

In the global pace of product-merchandising it's important to deliver internationally – we know no limits.

The products



This is just an excerpt of available, brandable products.
As technologies advance, so do our products. That's why our assortment grows frequently.

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